The Unknown Cost of Paper Logs

  • Chris Atkinson
  • Monday, July 18, 2016

There is an unknown cost to paper logs and it’s keeping the industry from moving forward. HOS violations to drivers at roadside, and to carriers during an audit, are not only costly, but have a negative impact on your regulatory scores. Shippers do not want to do business with conditional or unsatisfactory carriers. Repeated HOS offences can affect your ability to maintain your customer base, as well as attract new customers.   

With FleetRover E-Log, the temptation to stretch driver hours beyond regulatory limits is eliminated, but there’s far more unknown costs that you may be unaware of:

  • Get ahead of the FMCSA Dec 2017 mandatory use of ELD – If you don’t you could find yourself in hot water in 2018.
  • Protect driver and carrier abstracts with accurate, up-to-date HOS compliance records;
  • No more playing ‘Hide & Seek’ with log falsification; – Trying to update your logs on -the-go is a losing game.
  • Lower regulatory scores can translate to insurance savings; We can connect you with partners that will help you with your rates if you chose an E-Log solution.
  • Leverage your excellent safety ratings into a marketing opportunity to retain and acquire customers;  
  • Accurate HOS records may give a ‘Green Leave Lights’ at the Government Inspections Station. keeping your drivers on the road.
  • Get your loads delivered on time with no costly delays from drivers running out of hours;
  • Increased driver efficiency with E-Logs with entries in 1 minute increments instead of 15 minutes on a paper log;
  • Your drivers get back home to their families at the end of their runs instead of bunking in the sleeper.  

FleetRover saves money for carriers:

FleetRover will significantly reduce the time and money needed to sort, scan and audit logs. Whether you use an internal safety professional or outsource to a 3rd Party, the bottom line is someone is spending countless hours auditing paper logs, and correcting form and manner entries.

FleetRover automates your HOS, reporting to save you time and money on every vehicle in your fleet that you manage.   

Do the Math Yourself!

HOS Paper Log vs FleetRover ELog –

Cost of Processing for 1 Driver / 1 Year (50 Drivers)

Total Time & Cost of HOS Paper Log reporting Total Time & Cost for FleetRover E-Log Cost of

FleetRover ELog Program (Per Driver/Year)


Savings with FleetRover E-Log
30 Minutes Per Log .75 Minutes Per Log $36.00 Driver/Year $4,544.28

Savings Per Driver / Year with FleetRover E-Log

31 Logs Per Month 31 Logs Per Month
930 Minutes or 15.5 Hours @ $25/Hour 23.25 Minutes

@ $25/Hour

$387.50 Driver/Month $5.81 Driver/Month
$4,650 Driver/Year $69.72 Driver/Year

Note: Costs for HOS processing and savings with FleetRover ELog is subject to specific functions for drivers and vehicles in a carriers operations.  

You have 50 Drivers in your Fleet?

That’s a savings of $227,214/Year!

What are you waiting for? Call a FleetRover Professional today to schedule a demonstration of FleetRover’s ELog and start saving!

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