We don’t just give you data.
We give you decisions.

By eliminating your need to do research and bringing
you the critical data points when you need them,
we enable you to make time-saving decisions to
improve efficiency.

Worry less, so you can do more.


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We Track Thousands of Vehicles

Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier.

We make drivers better drivers. We make fleet managers better fleet managers.

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    Track Trucks & Analyze Trips

    Monitor real-time actions and breadcrumbs

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    Leverage EDI-Friendly Messaging Macros

    In three steps, change the way you dispatch

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    Truly Enhance
    Fuel Efficiency

    Use powerful mechanisms to reduce fuel cost

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    Enhance Driver Productivity

    Coach drivers and decrease their workload

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    Improve Customer Service

    Avoid late deliveries
    with alerts

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    Analyze Reports

    View records of all your assets interactions and behaviours

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    Stay on Top of Your Fleet

    Get SMS and email alerts on the go

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    Stay Compliant

    Find the hidden ROI in regulatory scores

People say we’re changing the game.

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