Privacy policy

Last Updated : March 3, 2017

We pride ourselves on the efforts we put into protecting your privacy, we see this as a major priority. In the privacy policy mentioned below, we will articulate how we use your information and the practices that we follow with respect to the use, the disclosure and collecting the information that is sent to us when we provide our services. This is explained further in our Terms of Service as well. If a website, service or application is added as one of our services, then our Privacy Policy would apply to those instances, it will not, however, apply to third party services, websites or applications, even if you access them through our application, or through the workings of companies that we might not be heading, or controlling. Further, it should be noteworthy that all capital letters or capitalized works in the privacy policy, unless defined otherwise will mean the same as our Terms of Service.

The steps we take when collecting and using information.

We collect information to improve our services, and to understand the way our users use our services so that we can improve them if required (we even do this to your account, if you are an account holder), and most importantly to allow you to use our services without any hassles. We make sure that this is our first and foremost goal.

The information that is given to us and your general account information

When signing up for an account, you would have to submit some information for identification, this usually includes your name, phone number, email and sometimes your office address. We do somethings ask for your Personally Identifiable Information or PII for short. At times we might end up collecting non-PII information, but this information cannot be used alone to identify someone, (ex. yDOT number, cycle rule, and carrier name). Most importantly, if you provide us with any other information intentionally, we will have this stored as well.

The information gathered using Cookies

We do use small text files saved in the browser of your choosing, also called Cookies when you are using our Service. There are two different types of cookies, session cookies, and persistent cookies, depending on the requirement at the time, we might use them both to make sure you have logged in correctly, and to give us some idea of how and you interact with and use our Services. We sometimes use these same cookies to check out the average usage and web traffic that we would be receiving our services. We then gather this information to better our service. Session cookies don't last as long as persistent ones and get taken out of the system as soon as you terminate a session, log off from the service or shut down your browser. Almost all browsers accept cookies on their own but you can go to the settings and change this so you would be asked every time your browser wanted to do this. It should be noted though, if the cookies on the site are not accepted it might hamper the general usage and you might not be able to use some sections or portions of the Service. When working with third-party service providers (and advertisers), who we sometimes do deal with, they might install their own cookies in your browser. It should be stated that the Privacy Policy mentioned here only mentions our uses for cookies and we will not mention the use of cookies by these third parties.

If we do happen to send over offers for some new and innovative products and services that are sent over by our partners or affiliates, they might have their own cookies that they will be sending your browser. We have to mention that this Privacy Policy does not cover those cookies either since they are third parties, a business affiliated. They would have their own Privacy Policies and we are not responsible for those terms and their practices.

Information connected to the use of the service that we provide

We have an automated process to record certain details about the people with accounts on our site, and of the end users as well. We refer to the information that we receive from the users who use our services as log date. This information may include User’s Internet Protocol (IP address), this might also include the type of operating system and browser that the user is using. The web page that the user had visited before using our service, different pages and parts of our service that the user might have visited and how much time was spent there. We will also be keeping tabs on the links that the user clicked on, the documents uploaded and messages sent while on the system. There will be a few other statistics that we will be keeping an eye on as well. We go through this information to go through and analyze and make our Service better by increasing the features and functionality so that they match the general needs and choices of the user. Sometimes we might even use Google Analytics to analyze the usage of the service.

We have some more information about the privacy policy and Google Analytics, you can check it out here. If you are not too happy about this and would like to leave, you can hit this link here (although we would suggest against it). Other than the information mentioned above, IP addresses can be used to fight spam, malware and to avoid identity theft and we might sometimes have to handle this. The IP address can further be used to create average non-identifying information about the uses of our services.

Information about location

We do collect information about your location and where you are based, we can do this by changing the IP address provided into a basic approximate geolocation. This can also be done through the GPS or wireless network triangulation. This is usually done to improve and provide services that are a little more personal to you. (for instance, helping you complete your driving logs)

Offers and communication

If we have to communicate with you, we use email and sometimes communicate through the Services directly. For instance, if we are sending some promotional material from other businesses, or we might shoot you an email about the uses of the Services. We might receive a confirmation at our end when you open an email sent to you by us. We can later use this confirmation to make our dealings with our clients interesting and work toward getting better services. If you do not want these email from us, please let us know by sending us an email

What information do third parties receive from our system?

We do not share your PII with anyone except for the exceptions below:

We give this information to our service providers, and we sometimes tie up with third-party service providers who help us look through the site and provide a lot of our services. We would only give them access to your PII to perform a fixed set of services that they would be doing on our behalf. They have to strictly make sure they do not reshare this information with anyone, no exceptions. For instance, we might have to seek some assistance from a company that deals with processing of payments to process your transactions and credit card information. Unless specifically told to you, our clients cannot use this information for any purpose other than the one stated and to help us out.

We may share a collection of all the information and non-identifying or de-identified information with other parties only for the sake of analyzing the industry, profiling demographics, and other such tasks. If we are to share your driving logs or other similar documents, we will only do this with your permission. (For instance: you may connect with different users on the service, and sharing your information with them via email or fax from the same service itself)

Affiliate businesses and partners receiving your information

Sometimes, some of the parties that we partner with, whether affiliates or third party businesses might sell or offer products that you can review which may or may not be connected to the service that we are offering. Sometimes we may give you a service connected to some of our partners or affiliate business’. If you are receiving any such products or services from a partner or business connected with us, we might have to share your data or PII information if that is what is required for this information to be given to you. For instance: if we have partnered with a business that needed access to your driving information and your PII to give you some insurance or fueling service. Otherwise, if we have partnered with someone willing to resell your service or your product, and will be giving you other products and services in return.

We do not have any control or connection over the rules, policies and other practices by third party websites or businesses, whether privacy or anything else. If you are dealing with any transaction in connection with some partner that we work with, please review the terms, the business in general, all website policies and any agreements between you and such affiliate businesses.

If you give us the permission to share your information with a third party, we will go ahead and give them whenever they require whether your PII or other details. We will only do this if sharing the information with the business associate or partner is really required. Furthermore, if you agree to us giving your information to a third party, we will then inform that third party that you are alright with this and then send over your information accordingly.

Profiles and submissions

The profile that you create for yourself will have your name, location, email address and phone number, this might be connected to your account (user personal information) as well. This information might be shown to different users on the system, such as the Fleet users who you make connections with. Others who contact you through the system would also see your profile information. As much as possible, we do not have a say in the practices of our users, Fleet users or any other parties or services that we might work with.

Information revealed due to business transactions

All the information gathered from our users comes falls under the broad umbrella of business assets. We are then required to hand over your PII and Data, if we go bankrupt, or are acquired or happen to be part of a merger. This information will be transferred to the acquirer.

Disclosure of information for our protection or the protection of others.

We make it a point to protect you from privacy violations, whether it is through the abuse of the legal system, or individual entities or the government. All that being said, we have to cooperate with the Government, officials and private parties. We, therefore, hold the right to hand out any information about you to the Government, law enforcement agencies or private parties as we believe necessary.

To make sure that we are following through with the law, regulations and the legal processes. Further, to answer to requests, and subpoenas, warrants or court orders.

To protect what is ours, our property, rights and safety, and the same of the third parties who work with us and the public as well.

To stop some activities that might be illegal or not right

The security of your information

We at our end make sure that we have taken the right steps to look after the information that we collect from authorized access or disclosure. You should be aware that there is no method of sending information across the internet that is completely secure. And due to that, we cannot guarantee the complete security of your information.

Very often our services will include links to other websites and services. Any information that you provide in connection with a third party service is actually being provided directly to the owner of the third party service. This further entails that the information is part of that company's terms of service and privacy policy. Our privacy policy will not be applicable to those websites and we are not responsible for the content that they put up, privacy or security concerns that might be raised. To make sure that your information is in good hands, we would advise you to go through their rules, terms and services and privacy policy in detail.

Making changes to your information

You will be allowed to make changes to your PII that is associated with your account settings on the site. You will also be able to delete your PII and your account altogether, all you have to do is contact with your request. As soon as we receive your request, we will start working on deleting your account. Some of the information that you had provided might remain even after deleting your account as backups or copies or based on the rules and the law.

International Transfer

Your personal information can be sent across or maintained on different computers, even ones that are maintained outside the state or country. You can even do this in a different jurisdiction from your current Government where the privacy laws are different. You will have to approve the Privacy Policy and submit your PIIs to as proof that you have accepted the terms and conditions.

Children’s Policy

As mentioned in the Terms of service, we do not provide our services to children under the age of 13 years. Likewise, we do not collect PII of a child under the age of 13 and we take steps to delete this information as soon as it is brought to our attention.

Privacy policy changes

In our effort to keep updating and changing our services for the better and to give our users more features to work with, the information that we collect would be governed by the privacy policy in effect at the time that it was collected. If we make any significant changes to the policies, we will inform you about this on our site or through an email, we will make it a point to mention when the new changes would become effective as well. If for some reason or the other, you have chosen to opt out of these email, or not sent us an updated email address, the change in the rules would still be applicable to you. You would still be responsible for reading them and making sure that you have understood them.

If you use the services after the rules, terms or privacy have been changed, that implies that you have read and understood the new terms and agree with all the changes that have been made.

If you would like to get in touch with us

Please contact us at or at 600 Eglinton Ave. East, Unit 208